The letter the West Briton didn’t print

Source: Cornwall – a developers paradise?, 16 Feb 2017

Unfortunately, the unavoidable fact is that in Cornwall our countryside is being built on at a faster rate (almost twice as fast since 2010) than east of the Tamar. No amount of fiddling with the figures alters that.

Source: Cornwall – a developers’ paradise? The letter the West Briton didn’t print

Housing need exaggerated again!

Source: CoSERGinfo, 13 Feb 2017

Last weeks planning report cited the Home Choice Register to justify the housing proposals. The Housing needs evidence indicates: a high level of housing need in this locality which more than adequately justifies the type and mix of housing sought. The Cornwall housing register, known as Cornwall Homechoice, has 1,475 applicants in housing need, meeting […]

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The Progressive Alliance for Cornwall

Source: Cornish Stuff, 14 Feb 2017

“We believe that, Green, Labour, Liberal Democrat or Mebyon Kernow voters, have more in common with each other, than they have with the neo-liberal policies of the Conservatives”

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Hong Kong Square? — coserginfo

From ‘It’s Our Cornwall’ Hong Kong Cornwall Square, Redruth (will that really be the address??) is an intriguing design. But there doesn’t appear to be any affordable housing, let alone social housing. So who’s it being built for? And why will it be a gated community? Gentrification? Colonisation? Or both? And how does it fit, […]

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Launched Today: 50 year Plan of “Environmental Growth” for Cornwall

Source: CornishStuff, 2 December 2016

Cornwall now has an overarching strategy for the environment

Cornwall now has an overarching strategy for the environment – A first of its kind, the strategy is a 50 year plan of environmental growth and is focused on helping nature to do more for us.

Launched this morning by Cllr Edwina Hannaford, Cornwall Council’s Portfolio Holder for Planning and Environment Strategy at the  CIOS Local Nature Partnership Annual Conference, Cornwall’s ‘Environmental Growth Strategy’ will aim to encourage businesses, communities and individuals to work together to increase the environmental, social and economic prosperity in Cornwall.

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Over 8.5% of Cornwall is built up! — coserginfo

Last week, John Pollard, the Leader of Cornwall Council commented on the adoption of the Local Plan. It was stated. Pollard agreed there would be a lot of opposition to the plan : “We need to be clear that the Local Plan is not just about housing. Yes, we’ve agreed on 52,000 but there was […]

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Births by parents’ characteristics in England and Wales: 2015

OFFICE OF NATIONAL STATISTICS (ONS) Statistical bulletin | Released on 29 November 2016

Live births by age of mother and father, type of registration, median interval between births, number of previous live-born children and National Statistics Socio-economic Classification (NS-SEC).

Main points

  • In 2015, over half (53%) of all live births in England and Wales were to mothers aged 30 and over and two-thirds (68%) of fathers were aged 30 and over.
  • The average age of all fathers increased to 33.2 years in 2015, compared with 33.1 years in 2014. For mothers the average age was 30.3 years compared with 30.2 years in 2014.
  • The average age of first-time mothers was 28.6 years in 2015, compared with 28.5 years in 2014.
  • In 2015, 84% of babies were registered by parents who were married, in a civil partnership or cohabiting.
  • In 2015, 39% of live births were first births, 36% were second births and 15% were third births.

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