Outline Business Case” was not fit for purpose as a public document”


Cornish Stuff, 15 March 2017

Members of Cornwall’s Health and Adult Social Care Overview and Scrutiny Committee have raised serious concerns over some aspects of the Outline Business Case for Cornwall’s Sustainability and Transformation Plan and the way the engagement process has been carried out.

produced by the sub committee which was set up earlier this year to review the development of the Outline Business Case and the engagement process.

While the statement from the sub committee supports the strategic intent of the Sustainability and Transformation Plan, it raises concerns over a range of issues, including the viability of the financial plans, the quality of the engagement with members of the public and with staff and key stakeholders, a potential reduction in beds, the lack of information about mental health services and services for children and young people, and the timeframe for publishing the Final Business Case.  More – via Cornish Stuff  

Trerice comment :

Integration was supposed to have been going on for years. However, IT systems needed serious money spent on it because health, social care and GPs etc all used different electronic record systems. Devolution is supported by the current government as long as everything done fits a central government agenda and the all evidence suggests they are not going to give extra cash to the NHS without requiring more and more involvement from the private sector. NHS trusts have not been able to afford the upkeep on their buildings i.e. community hospitals, community team and and have been forced to to sell them (often at a knock down price) to building developers, which doesn’t give one confidence that central government isn’t leading the NHS on a one way road to privatisation.



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